You need visuals in your story!

Using only text to convey ideas, concepts, and even simple details can be boring for readers. It’s just true. When I think about what grabs my attention on any media platform or even walking by brick and mortar stores, I am captivated by thoughtful, visual moments.

As I was walking by Google Fiber in downtown Austin a week ago, I saw video on a big screen on loop inside. The video was an older man using a virtual reality headset, and it showed his reaction while wearing it. Google Fiber had 15 of my precious seconds, and they made the most of it. Because now I’m mentioning them in a blog post, and I remember their brand. That brand recognition worked. And, that is exactly what the marketers behind that video idea at Google Fiber wanted to happen (or whatever agency they used, which I am curious to know who’s idea it was).

Anyways, you know all of this! The point: content that contains imagery and video will help bring your story to life. Not that your story was boring to start with (well, maybe it was). This is part of the reason why I did a Doodle for our blog to announce we were headed to Affiliate Summit West. The info we wanted to convey was a little “listy”. We’ll be here, come see us, don’t forget about our happy hour, come get the swag, etc.

Conveying where we’ll be in text just didn’t capture our excitement for heading to Vegas! We’ve been working on this event for months, we’ve even made branded WP Engine flasks and a deck of cards to go with the Vegas theme.. we get to see our friends, meet new ones, and seeing the legend Snoop Dog (watch the video… you’ll see what I mean) and drop it like it’s hot (kidding but also not kidding).

It was fun to explore and see how to capture and convey our enthusiasm in a different way. The details of the event were still posted in plain text within the blog post itself, which you can see the original post here on

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