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You need visuals in your story! (Sticky)

Using only text to convey ideas, concepts, and even simple details can be boring for readers. It’s just true. When I think about what grabs my attention on any media platform or even walking by brick and mortar stores, I am captivated by thoughtful, visual moments. As I was walking by Google Fiber in downtown Austin a…

Draw a container where your cactus will live. This will get your creative juices flowing! Think: pot, vase, coffee pot, wine glass, anything. Draw a cactus! There are so many different species of this plant, anyway you doodle it… you can’t go wrong.

Doodle Coffee Sesh

This video was inspired by my favorite coffee cup. Enjoy, coffee friends, and coffee on! <iframe width=”780″ height=”430″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>