Virtual art classes so you can channel your inner Picasso.

(or Banksy, all vibes are welcome)

A guide to your creative side.

Whether you are an artist or a "can't even draw a stick figure" type person, everyone has a creative side, and art is one of the avenues to tap into that side that already lies within you. All you need are the right tools and a little instruction from an Art Sherpa - and you'll fly into the depths of your creative genius. A bold statement, but it's true. Let's create something awesome together!


Pick your class.

Check out the classes available and see what speaks to you! All classes are appropriate for any skill level.


Supplies shipped to you.

No need to wander around Michaels or an art store to figure out what you need. You'll get all the supplies shipped to you! Boom baby.



Show up to class, have coffee in hand and get ready to listen to some jams and tap into that creative side of yours.

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About YoDoodle

Hi, I'm Rachel! Creating has always been a part of my world, and sharing that process with others is one of my greatest passions! My hope is that you gain joy, confidence, and most of all have fun through my art classes. Art is most enjoyed (in my opinion) with others, and creating a space for that to happen is SO FUN. Doodle on, doodlers! 

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