Kringle all the what?

Have you ever seen something on a friend’s mantle, and thought THAT’S IT! That’s what we’ll paint tomorrow!


Alright, usually I’m not so last minute, but this was just speaking to me. Plus, it rhymes with pringle.

It was a tad ambitious for us to work on, but seriously these cool cats knocked it out of the park!

Artists featured (left to right): Rebecca, Falcon, Stephen, Kathy

Supplies needed:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor palette
  • Paintbrush, water, pencil
  • Good tunes

Steps (in a few words):

  1. Lightly sketch out the shape of Jeep with a pencil
  2. Using the water colors, add some color to the jeep. Cool thing about water colors, you can build up layers, so use mostly water, and a tiny bit of color!
  3. Take a break from the Jeep. You may be frustrated at this point… but don’t give up! Start to add in the tree line in the background.
  4. Come back to the Jeep. Add color, and add the tree on top of the car, because honey you’re going home to decorate that thang!

Disclaimer: If you don’t think you can draw a jeep, you are probably right. Just kidding! You totally can. This project is all about jumping in and just seeing what you can do!


Artists featured (left to right): Kathy Diaz, Julia Diaz
Kathy whipped out a freaking log cabin on us out of nowhere, and it was epic.





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