Just show up

One of your favorite bands comes to town, and the concert is sold out. You had no idea they were coming, and it’s happening tonight. You happen to be free.

  1. Woops… turns out, you aren’t free. Cancel those planz. Sorry Felicia.
  2. Internal battle: You want a friend to accompany you. But time is running out. Who would be available? Rule: Don’t get a lame* (see glossary below for context) friend to go just so you won’t be alone. That my friend, is lame. Don’t stoop. You are the opposite of lame.
  3. You’ve never been to a concert alone before. (nervous?) You shake of that insecurity that has creeped in your head like a nasty spiderweb. You determine to travel in style, by yo’self. You put pep in yo’ step, because you have a show to catch.
  4. Depending on how long it took you to figure out the above, you may need to run. Either way, make your way to the venue.
  5. As you approach the venue, start to say to yourself I am CSP* (see glossary below) over and over. Please do this in your head, not out loud.
  6. Sign on the door says “SOLD OUT”. Don’t freak. Immediately become besties with the people taking tickets. (Remember CSP. Don’t over do “S”, and don’t have too much “P”. You can never have enough “C”, as long as it doesn’t come across as stuck up. If you give off that vibe… you ain’t getting in.) Try to think: Genuine relationship building. Although you really need something from this person. Just don’t make it weird.
  7. Start off by saying “You must go in.” It leaves them wondering.. why? Ambiguous? Sure. Make it work for you. Work, Work, Work, Work, Work.
  8. Depending on how that works, hang around to see if people have extra tickets. Happens all the time. Then, you can rightfully snag what’s yours. No one is doing what you are doing by the way. People are coming to the door, seeing the sold out sign, and turning away. REMEMBER: It never hurts to ask. And it never hurts to hustle.
  9. Wait 20 minutes. Hopefully by this time, someone at the door will take a few bucks from you to let you in. Disclaimer: You have to go into this whole situation knowing you may have to walk away. Set the expectation low, but don’t let that mess with your CSP.
  10. Get in that show. Get up front, and have an awesome time. If you’re creative.. get some shots and video of the band! (See video with doodles from Judah and the Lion!)
  11. Showing up to a concert without a ticket is kind of like life. Just show up. Rules were meant to be broken, and shortcuts are awesome when the happen. And you never know what you’ll get to meet along the way!

    *Lame in this regard means a friend who you know won’t be able to hang with you at a show. That is completely, and absolutely unacceptable of them. It’s ok, they’ll have to tackle that mountain on they own. Not your issue, and especially not right now.
    *CSP Stands for Confidence, Swagger, Patience. The deadly trio that, if mastered quickly, will become your new best friend. And in this situation, get you in that show.


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