Dinosaur: Process



This little dino has changed! With some art, I like to plan out and calculate. Other times the spontaneity and randomness of doodling, putting ideas down right when you think of it is way more fun. You enjoy the moment, and it isn’t about the end result anymore. It’s about the process.

Sometimes painting can be wayyy intimidating! But I think that happens from wanting it to turn out a certain way. If you just enjoy and explore new techniques without a certain expectation it can be way more fun. Especially if you are in a spontaneous mood!

Working with acrylic paint makes this easy- drys quick, and if you don’t like it.. paint over it. 🙂 I’m thinking of making this dinosaur into a series… or even a little story! He has personality. I like it!














This is a painting I’ve been working on for a while! I work on it a little at a time, come back to it. Paint over it, come back. It’s taken a turn… and I like where it’s headed.

IMG_6370.JPGSometimes you just have to trust the process and enjoy painting. When I teach art lessons, frustration comes when people don’t trust the process- their focus is on the end result. You really can’t judge the end result 20 minutes into a painting. Even with a few hours, this has totally taken an awesome turn. Pumped to see where it goes!








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