Welcome to Philly! Doodled this little guy on a napkin at Sabrina’s Cafe. There are several locations, but we went to the one at 1804 Callowhill St. This diner was poppin’, to say the least! 30 minute wait, great tunes, awesome service. Exactly how I imagined a diner in Philadelphia to be.

I doodled two things that I could think of that reminded me of Philly: boxes and buildings. Boxes, you say? Are boxes all throughout Philly? Do people sell them on the side of the road? Well actually, kind of. But I was in Philly for a conference (WordCamp US) and we brought a ton of swag to give to the awesome people who went to the conference. Boom baby. Philly = Boxes for me. Also, buildings! Got to run up the steps of the Art Museum (que this song).

Philly, I had to leave you too soon. I’ll be back.

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