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A few friends

A quick sketch: My sister came to visit me, and she brought 3 of her guy friends along. (ok, just for a little bit, not the whole trip!) They were entranced in some video on the couch…. I loved this moment! They all vibe well together, and constantly laugh. That is the best. Pens used…


Same Doodle, more time! Yesterday, I spent 5 minutes drawing things on my coffee table: Today, I spent double the amount of time- 10 minutes. See below:   Closer view: Yesterday’s drawing (left) compared to today’s drawing (right):       More time was spent on form and detail today. I focused on parts of the…

Quick still life

This doodle was done in 5 minutes. Over the next few days, I’ll do the same drawing, but take more time for each doodle sesh. This doodle was meant to be quick, capturing the very first impression!  

The doodle of the day: A cactus in a cute little pot. They seem to be everywhere here in Texas, which takes a little bit for a Georgia girl to get used to. But hey, they are growing on me! Literally, they are taking over not only my front yard, but this current coffee shop.