Same Doodle, more time!

Yesterday, I spent 5 minutes drawing things on my coffee table: Today, I spent double the amount of time- 10 minutes. See below:

DSCF0736 IMG_5265

Closer view:


Yesterday’s drawing (left) compared to today’s drawing (right):

IMG_5265     DSCF0739

More time was spent on form and detail today. I focused on parts of the composition I really enjoyed- the coffee cup, cactus, and coaster. I spent way more time on shapes and their positioning on the table (depth). Tater made her debut in the pic below:


One thought on “Tater

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! OMG can you design FaithStrut coffee mugs!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!! Girl, I prayed for someone to help with this. You are an answer to prayer 🙂 🙂

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