You need visuals in your story!

By YoDoodle | February 15, 2017

Using only text to convey ideas, concepts, and even simple details can be boring for readers. It’s just true. When I think about what grabs my attention on any media platform or even walking by brick and mortar stores, I am captivated by thoughtful, visual moments. As I was walking by Google Fiber in downtown Austin a […]

Kringle all the what?

By YoDoodle | January 5, 2017

Have you ever seen something on a friend’s mantle, and thought THAT’S IT! That’s what we’ll paint tomorrow! Alright, usually I’m not so last minute, but this was just speaking to me. Plus, it rhymes with pringle. It was a tad ambitious for us to work on, but seriously these cool cats knocked it out of […]

San Diego: Ballast Point & Sunset Cliffs

By YoDoodle | May 9, 2016


Artist Spotlight: Mary Ella Bowles

By YoDoodle | April 27, 2016

The Spanish Village Art Center is located in Balboa Park in San Diego. Since 1937, it’s been a place where dedicated artists unite. Today, the village is home to 37 artist studios, which means 300 local artists! Studio 6 is where Mary Ella Bowles spends her days as an artist. The more I spoke with her during […]

Consistency is Key

By YoDoodle | April 16, 2016

“Consistency is key.” I usually listen to anything my friend Wendy says. She was born and raised in Chicago, and tends to tell it like it is. She just started painting two years ago, and last year she raked in more income with painting commissions than most people I know working for someone else. She said being consistent […]

How to draw a cactus- video tutorial!

By YoDoodle | April 13, 2016

Draw a container where your cactus will live. This will get your creative juices flowing! Think: pot, vase, coffee pot, wine glass, anything. Draw a cactus! There are so many different species of this plant, anyway you doodle it… you can’t go wrong.

Dinosaur: Process

By YoDoodle | April 12, 2016

4/20/16 Update! This little dino has changed! With some art, I like to plan out and calculate. Other times the spontaneity and randomness of doodling, putting ideas down right when you think of it is way more fun. You enjoy the moment, and it isn’t about the end result anymore. It’s about the process. Sometimes painting can […]

Just show up

By YoDoodle | April 12, 2016

One of your favorite bands comes to town, and the concert is sold out. You had no idea they were coming, and it’s happening tonight. You happen to be free. Woops… turns out, you aren’t free. Cancel those planz. Sorry Felicia. Internal battle: You want a friend to accompany you. But time is running out. […]

Passion planner

By YoDoodle | April 2, 2016

Doodle on your calendar! Passion planner is a cool product I ordered a while back on kickstarter. For visual people, it’s great- you can outline goals, projects, and roadmaps and see the progress you’ve made over time. It can be an effective tool to use. But, you can have all the tools in the world for the goals in […]

Saturday doodle: San Francisco houses!

By YoDoodle | January 16, 2016